Straw Weaving

Not many crafts require as few raw materials as straw weaving. Nor are they often as adaptable as to be appealing for ages spanning all the way down to Kindergarten. But with a little structured set-up, your students will be able to create bookmarks, headbands, belts, plant holders, trivets, wristlets and more.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 5 straws (More or less is possible, too)
  • A ball of yarn.
  • 5 lengths of yarn—12-15” each. I use a solid color like black.

That’s it.

  1. Thread each of the straws.

If using regular drinking straws, you can thread the straws by holding one end of the black length while sucking up the other end. Scotch tape one inch of the yarn to the straw. If using thin cocktail stirring straws, you’ll need to fabricate a long needle using 24-26 gauge wire. Tie a loose knot at the end of the yarn so it doesn’t pull through.

  1. Tie the free ends of black yarn together. There should be at least one straw’s length of yarn at the bottom of the straw when the straw is pushed up to the knotted or taped end.
  2. Knot colored yarn ball onto one straw near top.
  3. Hold straws in one hand. Fan them out so you can begin weaving.
  4. Weave yarn over and under each straw, returning back and forth when reaching the end of a row. You will be adding rows above each previous row. Push the woven rows carefully down the straw as you fill the straws with more weaving. Once the straws are filled, push the woven yarn onto the lengths of black yarn. Be sure to leave a few inches of weaving on the straw at all times. Continue until the end of your ball of yarn, or whenever you have reached your desired length.
  5. Tie the end of the ball of yarn onto a straw.
  6. Push all the weaving onto the straw and all the way down to the knotted bottom.
  7. Untie the knots at the top of the straw or remove the tape.
  8. Pull the straws off the top ends of the black yarn lengths.
  9. Tie the black yarn into a knot at the end of the weaving.
  10. Trim the ends of the black yarn to produce an even tassle.
  11. Enjoy. Make another!