My Ergonomic Dream

Here’s my dream.

First day of school. Desks of assorted heights are grouped in various configurations inside a classroom. Outside, lining the hallways, are an equal number of chairs, also of assorted heights, lined against the walls.
The children arrive.
The teacher announces, “Find a chair that you like.” And off they go.
Nine times out of ten, save for the tiny child who likes to feel big, children will gravitate toward a seat that fits them best. Holding the bottom, they should each walk into the classroom and get matched to a desk which clears their lap yet still places the writing surface at chest level.
Wouldn’t this be a great way to insure that kids start the year in an ergonomically healthy and functional position?
Of course, what usually happens is that teachers affix name cards to all the desks/chair ensembles before Day One, regardless of the size, (let alone core stability) of their students. And until a knowing therapist catches wind of the dangling legs, elevated shoulders, posterior pelvic tilts or other positioning nightmares, that child’s optimum performance with regards to motor skills, attention and sensory processing may be… shall we say, short-changed?
Oh, but to be pre-emptive. Just an idea…
Stay tuned for more.