Make a Plan!

Lead-in_Lead Off Lines horizontal, cuttingMake a Plan!

Maintaining corners when cutting simple straight-lined shapes is made more successful through the use of Lead-in/Lead-off lines.
Before students even pick up the scissors, ask them what their plan is. If it appears that the student has no idea which line to cut first nor how to get there, draw a line from the edge of the paper to the outside edge of the shape.
If Side A is to be cut first, then the therapist should suggest that the scissors start the task at Paper edge 1, as shown below. A child should always cut away from their body, aiming upward and outward, and starting at the bottom of the paper.
A line from one edge of the paper is then drawn all the way to the other. The adult points out that the child should place his scissors at the Lead-in line to begin. Then, while the child is underway, (all the while reminded to stay in the middle of the black line), ask the ever-important question, “What are you going to do when you get to the end of the line?”
The answer, which becomes a mantra revisited at the end of each cutting line is…
Keep on going!
The same strategy should be used for all sides of a shape. In no time at all, your students will be cutting squares and triangles with sharp and intact corners.