Extra Energy, anyone?

Students with self-regulation issues need an outlet for their ‘extra energy.’

Everyday movement opportunities, like transitioning from the desk to the floor and back, or being the messenger to the office or the designated board cleaner, are not intense enough to satiate the sensory-seekers among us.
These kids need vigorous and structured heavy work, movement and vestibular activities punctuating their day. A composite of carefully selected repetitive exercises designed to release a child’s ‘extra energy.’ In other words, a Personal Exercise Chart!
Given the instruction to cycle through each of the exercises, especially before lessons in which their attention is needed, helps children ready their bodies and minds for the learning ahead. If a single circuit of exercises isn’t sufficient, the kids can repeat the whole series… again and again, tallying or crossing off the exercises on an laminated and illustrated chart. Suggest they retreat to their ‘exercise corner’ whenever they feel that their engines may be too high and praise them profusely for knowing when it is.
Stay tuned for options that can be easily implemented in class with little time, no equipment and happy results.