Concept 2 – Letter Lines

preview6This is a very meta-analytic approach.  In a matter of speaking, we dissect letters.

In the Size Matters Handwriting Program, we talk about letters being comprised of 6 different types of Letter Lines.  For younger students, we use a more kinesthetic descriptor.  For older students, we are more geometric.  The Letter Lines include:
1.  Standing Tall or Vertical Lines
2.  Lying Down or Horizontal Lines
3.  Slant or Diagonal Lines.  These can be forward or backward, depending on which direction the pencil moves when making them.
4.  Super C Lines.  These are always Initial Lines.
5.  Smiles and Frowns.  These lines can also be drawn either forward toward the Finish Line or backward toward the Go Line.
6.  Clock lines.  These are lines that typically round an analog clock as if from 12 to 6, but on some occasions may circle counter-clockwise from 6 to 12.

Ask your students to identify letters with each of these types of Letter Lines.  It’s amazing how little regard they’ve had of all the instructional posters and banners hanging in the room.  There is a good chance your students will look up, down and all around without finding a single letter example.

Use this opportunity to ‘introduce’ your children to the wonderful tools already at their disposal.  Then bring out this poster, asking if would help them remember how to analyze the component parts of each letter.

Only if the class agrees that it would be helpful should you hang it…. and with a student volunteer or two.  Gather a  consensus on where, too.  If you want your students to actually reference this poster at any point in time, they have to be invested in its content and its display.