Concept 1 – Writing Lines

writing linesPlain Vanilla.

I’ve often said that this is a plain vanilla program. There is nothing stylized about the font we advocate, nor the writing lines we reference. In fact, if anything, we keep it simple to maintain the focus on the important stuff—Letter Size.

Just the same, it’s necessary to make sure that we’re all on the same page regarding the names of the Writing Lines because we reference them all the time. Toward that end, you’ll be relieved to know that we call the Top Line (drum roll, please), THE TOP LINE!!

Shocking, right?

Typically, I like to canvas children, gathering names they’ve already heard and used for these lines. The variety is crazy. When I suggest the obvious… the BOTTOM LINE for the Bottom Line, they often giggle in unison.

And I’m cool with the middle line being either the DOTTED LINE or the MIDDLE LINE.

Don’t skip this part as basic as it is. Touching the WRITING LINES in all the right places determines whether or not you made your letters the right size.

Check out the other key concepts of writing and let us know how they are helping you and your kids!