The Coke and Pepsi Game

The Coke and Pepsi Game is inspired by a popular children’s party game, this is the school version.  The goal is to provide six different types of movement experiences.

Start by creating a safe track around the room.  The teacher (or therapist) announces the name of the soda.  Students start moving in a counterclockwise direction on the ‘track.’  Teach one movement at a time so students master it.  Gradually add another and another.

  • COKE.  Clockwise walking.  (Linear movement).  When students hear this, they commence walking forward.  If Coke is announced again, students walk backwards.  Reverse directions each time Coke is said.  Whenever Coke follows a different soda name, the movement is always forward.  It is only backwards when it is said two times in a row.
  • PEPSI.  Jumping up and down.  (Vertical movement).  Students keep jumping until another soda is called.
  • DR. PEPPER.  Turning in circles.  (Rotary movement).  When Dr. Pepper is called, students  slowly rotate in place.  Always be sure to call Dr. Pepper twice so students can unwind.  Help students reverse directions if they don’t remember which way they turned first.  Those that claim dizziness or nausea can stand this one out.
  • ORANGINA.  Push-ups.  (Heavy Work).  Students should find floor space in which they could extend into a full plank.  Modified push-ups with bent knees are acceptable.  So are desk or wall push-ups.  I always tell students that they can chose any variation they want.  It just depends on how much they want to impress me!
  • MOUNTAIN DEW.  Shadow boxing.  (Crash and Bump).  In clinic settings, you may have space for a ball pit, crash pad, large scale trampoline, king sized mattress or punching bag.  In these cases, students can actually ‘dive’ in, reveling in the joy of their full body weight and contact on a forgiving surface.  Otherwise… we’ll creatively resort to simulating the experience as best we can.  So…. Float like a butterflySting like a bee.  Act like Muhammed Ali is watching.  Get those fists rapidly punching the air and those feet hopping as if they’re landing on hot coals.  Quick… a left upper cut!
  • SPRITE.  Ostrich walking.  (Inversion).  Bend fully at the hips so you can look between your legs.  Walk in that direction, in other words, clockwise, around the room.  Look out for cheaters!  Students must have their heads down so they reap the reward.

The movements of the Coke and Pepsi Game are identified by names of popular soft drinks native to the northeast.  You can replace them with your own regional preferences.  Schools on healthy food initiatives can substitute better choices.  It doesn’t matter.  CARROT JUICE is certainly a worthy way of calling for a bunny hop.

Either way, the Coke and Pepsi Game will help kids drink up!