Bonus Round!

OK… one more exercise each.   I’ll explain a few on the unknowns on the menu.  Don’t want you to get frustrated!


  • Wipe the Board.  Actually, this could be called ‘Help the teacher decorate and clean!’  While many teachers ask for student volunteers to erase the board or assist in hanging work samples, this activity brings the necessity of doing this to a conscious level.  Used as a daily exercise, different students are responsible for washing the entire chalk or white board, stapling displays onto the bulletin boards, dangling pictures from the suspension ceiling frames or otherwise installing educational and aesthetic items around the room.  Encourage teachers to add or subtract materials on a regular basis.


  • Can Can.  Divide the class into 2-4 groups.  Students stand side by side along the front, back and sides of the room, linking their arms over each others shoulders.  In unison, they kick their right legs to the left and then their left legs to the right.  It’s like a chorus line.  Repeat this performance while singing your school song, a top 40 favorite or even Happy Birthday.


  • Yabba Dabba Doo.  Fred Flintstone knew how to have fun.  Using his timeless cheer, instruct student to bend and reach with both hands to the outside of the left ankle.  Shake your hands while down there and say, ‘Yabba!”  Immediately swing your arms to the outside of your right ankles, shake your hands and say, ‘Dabba!’  Then, without hesitation, reach skyward shaking both hands and say ‘Doo!’  Repeat 5 times.  Reverse directions, right ankle then left, and do it another 5 times.  This exercise can be done sitting or standing.

I can feel the energy rising already!