Best Practice in Handwriting

This is IT.

The essence.

The variable that when understood, will make the greatest difference in the consistency, and thus readability of the written page.

Letter Size.

If there could be a single sound bite that described the Size Matters Handwriting Program it would be this:

Focus on Size. Form will follow.

Consider this. There are 62 Letter and Number Forms.,. including all upper and lower cases. And every other program focuses on these—the shape. That’s a lot to learn.   Moreover, it is conceivable that many of your students make letters or numbers that are identifiable in isolation. But in the context of a larger whole…. an indecipherable mess.

It’s analogous to going into the great outdoors and focusing on a single tree. You’re missing the bigger picture.

By contrast, there are only 3 Letter Sizes.  Three. That’s it. And they adhere to three simple Rules. (More on that in a minute.)

Furthermore, when you correct errors in Letter Size, you make an immediate and visible change in the appearance of your student’s printing.

The Size Matters Handwriting Program IS the BIG PICTURE.

You can now see, appreciate and adapt to the fact that you are in the middle of a forest.

Let’s learn how to see the forest AND the trees…. Next!