5 – The Rules

Cue the music:

I’m all about the Rules. ‘Bout The Rules. (No trouble.)

Okay… so Meghan Trainor’s song doesn’t exactly go like that.

But it could!!

And for us pediatric OTs…. It SHOULD!!

Because it truly is.

To achieve consistency and legibility in handwriting, it’s all about the Rules on Letter Size.

We lovingly joke that the Rules on Letter Size come packaged as a song and dance. As you recite the Rules, imagine pointing to an imaginary Top or Bottom Line, or making a staccato gesture along a pretend Dotted Line. Twirl your finger skyward as you announce that “They can’t go higher.” Twirl your finger downward as you sing that “They can’t go lower.” Then wave your hands in the middle as you gesture the lyrics, “And they can’t float in the middle.”

Now listen again to the refrain. You’ll be singing along in no time.