4 – Starting Points

The Size Matters Handwriting Program is like plain vanilla. It goes with everything.

There is no fancy font. It can be embedded in all content areas taught concurrently including math, social studies and science.   It is sufficient as a stand-alone curriculum but works equally well as a supplement to any other instruction method already present.

It’s simple, but rich in its comprehensiveness. Filling. Fulfilling. Fun. In fact, a welcome formula guaranteed to please and appease the most reluctant (and by that, I mean unhappy) consumer.

Consider the Starting Point. We tell students that ALL Starting Points in SMHP are either on the Top or Bottom Line. Restricting the beginning variability to either of two options alone compels young writers into at least getting the height factor right.

“Yes,” tell your students, “All letters start on a line.”

Before commencing to write, ask your children where each letter starts. Mark the Starting Points with a Sharpie. On the Alphatrangle, we indicate it with a Green Dot and a Directional Arrow. In the Letterbox Worksheets and the Student Workbook, we use a single Green Dot….

On the line, Top or Dotted, except….

Lower case e and lower case f.

But don’t even mention them until you get up to them. Or unless they appear in a child’s name.

We are aiming for consistency and simplicity.

Nothing fancy about vanilla. But is sure does the trick of satisfying our cravings to feel competent and content.