4 – Initial Lines

Initial Lines are the Letter Lines that emanate from the Starting Point.

They can be Standing Tall Lines, Lying Down Lines, Slant Lines, Smiles or Frowns. Super C letters always start with a Super C formation, so you can safely say that Super C Letter Lines are always initial Lines.

The only variation would be for left-handed children.

Some Lefties are more comfortable swinging their pencils clockwise for letters like O, o, or Q. And since our goal of legibility supports the demographic principal of free speech (which implies free writing)…. we are cool with that.

Identifying Initial Lines is an exercise in the Student Workbook. At the guidance of the instructor, it can also be part of the 10 learning activities in the Letterbox Worksheets. In fact, a meta-analysis of Letter structure is at the heart of the Size Matters Handwriting Program.

When we ask students, “What Letter Lines make up an upper case A?” a whole bunch of other questions come to mind.

  • What size is upper case A?
  • Where does it start?
  • What is the Initial Line?
  • What is the next and the next and the next Letter Line?

Encourage your students to articulate answers to each of these questions. It helps them own the knowledge that will lead to uniformity, readability and automaticity.