3 – Super C


Super C is the sixth Letter Line.  But because of his importance in warding off reversals, he is given his own status as a Key Concept.

Super C lines are always Initial Lines.  And theY are always backward and downward moving.

There are 5 upper case letters that are Super C.  They include C G O S and Q.
There are 7 lower case letters that are Super C.  These include:  a c d g o q and s.

Super C is our superhero.  As such, he comes packaged with a little extra drama.  Whenever doing a Size Matters lesson, always ask a child to tell you what size a letter is first.  But immediately afterwards (and only if the letter is a Super C), continue with…

But not only….”

Those 3 words should cue students to respond enthusiastically and straight away with,

“It’s also a SUPER C!!!”